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Mozart - Piano Sonata No. 11 in A Major, K331, Andante Theme

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This piece was requested by an adult Hao Staff user and the work of transcription to Hao Staff was carried out by volunteers and partially funded by the following crowd-funding project. "I would be very proud if I can play the Schubert Impromptu and Mozart Sonata Andante. My teacher will be astonished by me." - Indria, new score requestor

(Note: Indria is a scientist in the USA with Ph.Ds in Nutritional Biochemistry and Genetic Toxicology. She now aspires to learn how to play the piano whilst managing her dyslexia. In order to aid Indria, enlarged versions of Hao Staff scores will be made for her trial. She hopes to "amaze the world and be an inspiration and motivator to others".)

Update: A new "Retirees" category has been added, containing Indria's favorite pieces as well as easy piano arrangements of piano work most favored by seniors, all with enlarged print size.

Fringebacker.com: Revolutionary Music Scores For Everyone

Fringebacker.com: Revolutionary Music Scores For Everyone

Video source: youtu.be/vp_h649sZ9A
(Concert performance by Olga Jegunova)

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