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Many music educators around the world are agreeing that Hao Staff is a "must-have" in piano self-learning and education FOR ADULTS.

Who is the Hao Staff (Piano Roll) Sheet Music for?

It is probably meant for you if you often feel ...

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How does one actually start (with the Hao Staff)?

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3-Minute Hao Staff Tutorial

Download the Hao Staff User Guide

Is the Hao Staff meant to replace the Grand Staff?

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Is the Hao Staff recommended for children?

In principle, it is not recommended to be used by children who should be given time and opportunity to learn the Grand Staff, which is the universal language of music (for many other instruments).

Can the Hao Staff be used for music for instruments other than the piano?

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Are the music notes of the Hao Staff Sheet Music different?

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Can people sight-read the Hao Staff Sheet Music as well as the Grand Staff?

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With Hao Staff, why do we still need teachers?

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Hao Staff (Piano Roll) Sheet Music are transcribed from the original Grand Staff scores to faithfully convey the original work of the composers, arrangers, or publishers. All details and marks of the original scores are preserved with utmost endeavor and care.

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