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Many music educators around the world are agreeing that Hao Staff is a "must-have" in piano self-learning and education FOR ADULTS.

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Hanon's Virtuoso Pianist in 60 Exercises on Hao Staff
ISBN: 978-9881893550, 978-9881633989
(English and Chinese Versions)
Retail price HKD135 or USD16.95

The "Hanon finger exercises" book is a "Bible" recognized by people all around the world for building strength and agility of the fingers and acquiring ALL the playing techniques. This book of "Hanon on Hao Staff" is great news for all those who hope to enjoy the fun of playing the piano right away, but at the same time also want to build a solid foundation.
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My Piano Dream - Best Piano Solos on Hao Staff
Book 1 (ISBN: 978-9881893512) Download MP3
Book 2 (ISBN: 978-9881893529) Download MP3
Book 3 (ISBN: 978-9881893536) Download MP3
Book 4 (ISBN: 978-9881893543) Download MP3
(Bilingual English and Chinese)
Retail price HKD120 or USD14.95 each
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Piano Scales and Arpeggios Applied
ISBN: 978-9881893567
(Bilingual English and Chinese)
Retail price HKD92 or USD11.80

ABRSM Grade 5 piano scales and arpeggios presented on both Grand Staff and Hao Staff to suit all piano students who aspires to work on fundamentals to improve quality of play. Great practice tips from experienced piano educator.

And more importantly ... your favorite pieces on corresponding keys
to make your practice of fundamentals purposeful and meaningful!

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