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Thank you for visiting HaoStaff TM Piano Music Online at www.haostaff.com. We would appreciate it if you could spend a minute or two reading the following Conditions of using the products freely downloaded or purchased from us.


ALL products sold, including those that can be downloaded free of charge from this site (e.g. Preview Pages, Audio files, the Hao Staff Design and User Guide, etc.) are intellectual properties of www.haostaff.com, and/or used with legal permission of their rightful owners.

They are strictly for your private/home use and enjoyment. Making the material accessible by any means in whatever form to the public for commercial or any other purposes (except for those specifically allowed by the country's intellectual property laws) is an unlawful violation of the copyrights of the rightful owners. It is a serious CRIMINAL offence prohibited in most countries and legal charges will be brought against those violators.

If you have any queries about copyright, please write to Copyright@HaoStaff.com. We will respond promptly.

All articles (including texts, moving and still images) published on the www.haoStaff.com website are copyrighted materials owned by Mr. Jeff Hao. All rights reserved.


The alphabetical mark "haostaff", in upper or lower case or any combination of upper and lower cases, and the striped rectanglular image mark as appears in our logo are trademarks owned by www.haostaff.com and Mr. Jeff Hao. All rights reserved.


The Hao Staff is patented in the United States (US Patent No. 7,439,438, issued on October 21, 2008, titled "Musical notation system patterned upon the standard piano keyboard", inventor Hao Jia). We are also in the process of obtaining patents in China (Application No. 200610072528.5), and around the world (PCT Application No. PCT/CN2007/000011) for it.


We will refund the money in full to the customer if any product, downloadable or by post, is not received or damaged when received. If you encounter any difficulties, please write to Service@HaoStaff.com. We should respond within 24 hours.

We try our best to ensure the accuracy of all the materials published on our website. By purchasing our products, you have agreed not to hold us responsible for any unintended editing errors that may exist in our published products.

We do, however, offer free replacement of the revised product for each report of a material error.

Please write to Service@HaoStaff.com to report any error(s) you find.

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